About Us

Then and now

Pearl Hungary is a member of Szinapszis Group having almost a decade of experience in pharmaceutical market research and marketing.

Pearl Hungary was founded in 2000 with a 100% Hungarian ownership. At the beginning our main profile included comprehensive implementation of BTL (Below The Line) campaigns. Additionally we organized different events, promotion, Telemarketing and Direct marketing campaigns.

Currently we carry our marketing campaigns primarily in the pharmaceutical industry (for prescription only and for OTC products), and in connection with health-related products for FMCG companies towards physicians and patients. Our services include integrated communication campaigns (telemarketing, direct marketing, physicians messenger services), organizing screening programs, carrying out physician and patient loyality and adherence programs, buliding and operating patient clubs and organizing comprehensive patient communication projects.

The conitnuously growing business and broadening partnerships stand as proof of our success.

Our mission and goals

Our mission is to provide comprehensive marketing service for our partners utilizing the knowledge base and professional experience of Szinapszis and working with our independent team. With these services we aim to strengthen our image and market position both towards physicians and patients.

With our work we intent to contribute to a more effective physician-patient relationship, and to help achieve a higher quality of life and health consciousness.

We set our goal to become a defining health communication company in Hungary by meeting the demand of clients fully.

We would like to provide long-term, reliable service for the players of the pharmaceutical market, therefore we always make sure to meet the requirements of the pharma market, we understand and work based on the expectations of our clients. The client is always the center of our philosophy, we continuously keep them informed about the progress, state and result of the project.

We work with an interdisciplinary team: the comprehensive knowledge base of our staff – from the field of medicine, economics, law, and informatics –, the personal efficiency, the instrumental conditions of our company, and the strength coming from the cohesion of all of these elements guarantee the high quality and complex service we provide for our clients.

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