Szinapszis Group

Our company is a part of Szinapszis Group, which has almost 10 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical market research and marketing.

Szinapszis Ltd.

The experience and knowledge base in the field of market research, healthcare communication, FMCG gathered through the years by our parent company, Szinapszis Ltd. and the increasing number of clients and their broadening needs provided the basis for creating our Group.

Szinapszis Group is formed by independent, but closely collaborating companies that provide the highest quality services in market research, healthcare communication, mystery shopping and research supporting sales activities.

H2Online Ltd.

Our companies operate in coordination following the same principals. We have all the technical and human resources that are indispensible for carrying out successful processes, projects and quality services. We are proud to provide comprehensive services for clients from all fields utilizing the interdisclipinary knowledge of our staff members and the cohesive force as a result.

Our technical preparedness is ensured by the following:

The financial operation of our company is supported by the corporate governence system, SAP. By introducing the new structure of the system different processes could be optimalized, the manual manual work could be significantly lowered. Therefore financial procedures can be completed in a flexible, up-to-date, client-specific manner.

Garda Consulting Ltd.

According to our experiences in healthcare communication and in line with the needs of the healthcare market we created our independent call center in 2006, where we work with operators that have a wide range of communication skills specific to the healthcare market and medical communication. We put a significant emphasis on the training of the operators both in communication and in connection with the healthcare industry, since based on our experience this plays a crucial role in the success of our campaigns.

Our company has a room with a built-in one-way mirror for carrying out studies with different focus groups (traditional focus groups, conflict, creative and small groups). The discussions are informal, where participants communicate and share their views based on the script built according to the goal of the research and with the help of a moderator. An important advantage of the room with the built-in one-way mirror is that it offers an opportunity for our clients to look into the discussion in real time, without the group being aware of it.

Our professional competence:

There are physician-lawyers, analyst-economists, financial and IT specialists among our colleagues. This high level of knowledge provides the basis for the success of Szinapszis Group. We believe that complexity and the cohesion of different specialties add value to our work.